With increase in our income we tend to spend more on our lifestyle and our loved ones. Our loved ones are our family and friends but the closest to our heart is our pets then why shouldn’t we spend on them too, today we get a lot of luxury stuffs for our pets.

One such product is luxury dog beds available in market. We spend thousands and thousands on our designer bed to sleep comfortably at night then why should our beloved pets be left behind. Even they deserve the best in the world after all they are no less than our babies.

The concept of the luxury dog beds is new in some countries but it’s becoming more and more common today. If one can afford it then why to neglect our pets? Today we have puppy boutiques to cater to the needs of a dog where one can find designer bed, blanket, pillows, cushion, throw, collar bones and many more stuffs for our pets to indulge. The different kind of beds is.

  • Bolster beds – for the dogs who are anxious and want a open bed like nest. Cozy & comfortable cat beds in Australia but not covered or dark. It is surrounded at the sides for the support and is normally more expensive as it’s bulkier and mostly of good quality.
  • Cuddle cup beds – well as the name suggest it in the shape of a cup but obviously made of soft comfortable material to provide the feeling of being snuggled. It’s for the dogs who loved to be cuddled, even while sleeping.
  • Cozy cave beds – if your dog is hairless and stays cold and you wish to give warm cozy bedding with a feel of a cave then this is the one for your dog.
  • Hypoallergenic dog beds are the choice if your dog is extra delicate and allergic. Though you need to know what is your dog allergic to but most of the dogs will love it. Its filling is anti allergic as well as the cover. It provides full protection for your dog.
  • Corner beds are great for your luxurious house which you share with your dogs as well as in the place where there is constraint of space. You can include it in your sofa set as a corner sofa it’s just that it ill will be for your dog like you are sharing your space with your dog or just place it at the corner if you have lack of space.
  • Orthopedic beds – If we have trouble with backache and sleep we opt for orthopedic beds then why not for our beloved dogs.

The option is endless so let’s give the best to our pets after all they are family. We earn for them, happy family means happy life.